Adding LED light strips for China Blue 50 watt cabinets? Sources and specs

looking to add more light after installing my camera, Riuda 644 controller, any help would be greatly appreciated, harryb

The easiest is to buy a USB LED stick. 20-50 LEDs with a USB cable. Plug into the controller or a wall wart

Something like this:


After using / comparing LED strip to T5 tubes, I highly recommend T5 tube lighting over LED strip inside of the machine. The distribution of light and output is much better.

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I used camper/motorhome interior lights on mine. Cheap & bright.
Similar to these…

I put one in each corner angled down to the bed and it’s plenty bright in there now.
One of the things I did that I REALLY like is to mount a box and 120v duplex receptacle inside the machine and plug a 12v wall wart in to it to power the lights.
The AC outlet is wired to the mains input with a toggle switch on the front panel to turn it on and off.
That allows me to turn the lights on independent of the machine being on so I can set things up and work inside the cabinet and have plenty of light without the machine running and being noisy. I really like that.

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Thanks Bo , i am very much appreciative

Thanks Jeff , i am looking into them.

High Hank, i had never consider them… good info

I used 2 linear led modules of 280mm long (tridonic) with an led driver, whole cellar gets lit up.