Adding lines and/or splines and manipulate those

I was trying to connect two ends with a new line but not a straight one but as a spline, to no avail. the middle section is the new line - How do i add handles to each point to change those? How can i add a spline from point to point and manipulate it with handles? i tried and failed. searched the web and found nothing about spline. sorry, i might have no clue what to search for.


From what I can remember select the node edit tool. Hovering over a line or a Node and hitting S adds spline handles

Yes. This works!
Thank you. First thing i am going to do now is find Lightburn’s keyboard shortcuts, enlarge it and stick it above my computer screen.

I am so bad in remembering shortcuts.

Glad that worked for you.
Hover over the node tool and hit F1 for the help. That shows the shortcuts



Thanks, I am using a wireless multimedia keyboard which F1 is a function that stopped working for me. I might switch to a full keyboard soon.

Found this but I wish to have the list as a text file instead of PDF.
the search continues

Will try to make one big A3 print of this list.

I have an idea…

Steady now, take it easy on a Friday with all this thinking…

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It was very hard, but I did this:

And the result is:

Hot Key List:

File Menu Items
Ctrl + N New File
Ctrl + O Open File
Ctrl + I Import
Ctrl + S Save
Ctrl + Shift + S Save As
Ctrl + Q Exit

Edit Menu Items
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Shif + Z Redo
Ctrl + A Select All
Ctrl + X Cut
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl + D Duplicate
Ctrl + V Paste
Alt + V Paste in place
Alt + C Close Path
Alt + J Auto join shapes
Alt + O Optimize Shapes

Tool Menu Items
Ctrl + L Draw lines
Ctrl + R Draw Rectangles
Ctrl + E Draw ellipses
Ctrl + + Edit nodes
Ctrl + T Edit text
Ctrl + W Weld objects
Alt + + Boolean Union
Alt + - Boolean Difference
Alt + * Boolean Intersection
Alt + T Trace Image
Ctrl + = Zoom In
Ctrl + - Zoom Out
Ctrl + Shift + A Frame Selection
Alt + P Preview

Arrange Menu Items
Ctrl + G Group
Ctrl + U Ungroup
Crtl + Shift + H Flip Horizontal
Ctrl + Shift + V Flip Vertical
Alt + M Mirror across line
Ctrl + Shift + Left Align Left
Ctrl + Shift + Right Align Right
Ctrl + Shift + Up Align Top
Ctrl + Shift + Down Align Bottom
Ctrl + Shift + PgDn Align Horizontal Center
Ctrl + Shift + PgUp Align Vertical Center
PgUp Push forward in draw order
PgDn Push backward in draw order
Ctrl + PgUp Push to front
Ctrl + PgDn Push to back

Selection: Left click, or band-box
Shift + click adds to the current selection
Ctrl + click removes from the current selection
Drag: Left-click & hold on an object, drag it
Drag mods: When dragging, Shift will keep the drag vertical, horizontal, or 45 degrees

When dragging, Ctrl means “don’t grid / object snap”
When sizing, Shift disables aspect ratio locking
When sizing, Control means “resize from center”
Zoom: Mouse wheel (zooms relative to the cursor)
View drag: Middle-mouse click and drag

Esc Switch back to the selection tool, or end the current line drawing
View drag: Hold space-bar + left-click & drag
(useful for Mac, or users without a mouse wheel)

Move: Arrow keys move the current selection
Shift + arrow moves in large steps
Ctrl + arrow moves in small steps

Note: if the edit window has the keyboard focus, the keys L, R, T, B will align left, right, top, and
bottom, C aligns vertical centers, E aligns horizontal centers, P moves the selection to page center, and
H and V are horizontal and vertical flip.

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