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Hi there, I am using Lightburn and enjoying it very much on my Ender 3 and 3.5W laser module, my bed is 230x230 but my engraving area is smaller due to the laser not being mounted in the middle, is there any way to add markers or set an offset for XY in such a way that in software i can only see my engraving area. Also is there an option to make FRAME OPTION use the laser at lower power without pressing SHIFT since i often find myself wanting to adjust the part but my keyboard is not close by.
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There isn’t - framing with the laser on would be incredibly dangerous if you had a CO2 laser, so it has to be very hard to do by accident.

You can just change the ‘Page Size’ in the device settings in LightBurn to make the work area smaller. I don’t know enough about Marlin to know if you can offset the workspace there, but I would assume there’s a way.

I was thinking of creating some sort of macro from SHIFT + ALT + R on my wireless mouse to be able to trace with the laser on at low power.
On the topic of page markers, changing the page size doesnt help because my X0Y0 for the 3d print is not the same as my X0Y0 for the engraver. and 0 point for the laser for example is x50y33. I made a macro for it in the software which is a lot of help but i need to do something on the page itself. I tried making a rectangle line to see the engraving area but its not much help since its an actual layer and it will burn on to the surface; and if i disable it in the output, all other lines will not engrave. If maybe a different layer would be created when i make a different line that would solve the problem and i would be able to selectively enable or disable layers even though there would be multiple line layers.
Thank you for your help.

What firmware are you using? Is it possible to create a workspace offset? In GRBL, for example, you can jog to a different location and enter G92 X0 Y0 and that is now your origin, and the page is relative to that. If you set a smaller page size and offset the origin like this it would compensate for both things.

I am using Creality stock 1.1.6 version. the G92X0Y0 command works like a charm. Created a macro with a series of commands. Home + G0Z50 (my focus point at the moment ) + G0X50Y33 (which is my laser starting point) + G92X0Y0 = success…
Thank you very much. i am so glad i bought this software.
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