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I have been using Lightburn with my C02 laser. On Wednesday I am getting a Fiber Laser from Cloud Ray. It comes with a Lightburn license. I watched a video on Laser Everything about setting it up. It involved adding, deleting, and adding drivers again to get setting from Easycad. Lightburn works great with my C02 and I don’t want to mess it up. Any tips on how to do this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Create a new device… I have four of them for my fiber as each is specific to a lens… that’s where the lens correction information is located. Lightburn will ask for the EZCad2 file at the start to import these settings.

Name them something you can relate too… Here is a listing from my machine…

jack@Kilo:~/mnt/dev-test/cnc/laser/lightburn-materials-libraries$ ls -l
total 776
-rw-rw-r-- 1 jack jack 87747 Apr 30 16:23 100mm-fiber.clb
-rw-rw-r-- 1 jack jack 94875 Jun 14 11:24 160mm-fiber.clb
-rw-rw-r-- 1 jack jack 95620 Aug  6 10:05 254mm-fiber.clb
-rw-rw-r-- 1 jack jack 97046 Apr 16 11:59 300mm-fiber.clb
-rw-rw-r-- 1 jack jack  2122 Jan  2  2023 cenoz-30w.clb

This should not cause any issue with your co2… I have my dpssl diodes, Ruida co2 and my fiber all up and running…

I have a Cloud Ray M60 JPT M7 MOPA and four lenses.

Which fiber did you get?


Thanks! I ordered Cloudray MP-60 LiteMarker Pro 60W Split Laser Engraver Fiber Marking Machine 7.9” X 7.9” Scan Area With D80 Rotary × 1. It was $1,000 off. Are the lenses for different size work areas? I think this model is optimized for a smaller work area than your model. I believe the column height is shorter. I don’t know anything about Fiber lasers. Well, I watched a lot of videos, but no hands on.

They work in very much the same way as your co2… but that’s kind of the end of similarities…

Materials are expensive… I got to metal shops and pick up scrap, but blank coins and such are rather expensive when compared to the co2…

Coinage like pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters are acceptable fodder for these … :grimacing:

A major learning curve… it’s not a cw laser anymore, it’s a high power pulse laser… Did you get the MOPA? sounds like it… I think mine is an MP-60 also.

I purchased the 300mm square coverage so it came with a 80cM tower. I have four lenses, for different coverage areas…

When I change lenses on the co2, I’m aware of the dot size change but the fiber has, what I think, are major changes to the parameters…

Good luck


Yes, it is a Mopa. I’ve been a hacker for 35 years (old school, no bad stuff) and I like to figure things out. Lots of information sources and nice guys (like yourself) willing to help. My C02 was a nightmare. It’s a Gweike Cloud. Gweike has an interesting development philosophy. They will swap parts whenever they find something better. It sounds good, but when they tell you to watch a video to learn something, the video shows either the original part, or a part that came out after my version (they don’t change the name to version 1, version 2 etc). The support people try to be helpful, but since they don’t know what I am talking about it gets frustrating. I have had to send them photos to prove a switch is non-existent. The Omtech Polar version of the Gweike Cloud is more polished. It is a pretty good deal. The FB support forum is moderated, and they take down some negative comments. That said, I think it is the only thing in the price range.

I’m going to use this to make promotional merch. Can it carve pennies?

Sure… it’s cheap fodder for the fiber …

I think the polar is a more thought out machine. At least I’ve see a couple where they have put a machine console on the polar

They don’t constantly re-home after every operation like the Gweike supposedly does…

This seems to be a pretty good video on the differences between the two… Not sure about the differences with the cloud version…

I have the JPT M7 MOPA, this is the manual for that source

Good luck


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