Adding tools to the side bar

I can’t how to add the “Boolean Assistant” tool to the side bar with the general Boolean tools. Anyone got a simple set of instructions? I’m fairly new to Lightburn.

We do not provide a way to do this at this point. :slight_smile: Feel free to click the Feature Suggestion at the top-right of this forum.

If this is about speed then ctrl+b is available as a shortcut and even faster.

Well, I stand corrected. At present, the Boolean Assistant can be displayed in the toolbar. If you change to ‘Beginner Mode’, click the ‘Gears’ icon top-center of the main screen to expose, and turn that ON (green). You will see a reduced UI and many of the more advanced features will also be hidden, as you are now in ‘Beginner Mode’, but the assistant will now be shown in the toolbar.

We are considering an individual configuration switch, allowing one to flip this assistant showing in the toolbar or not. I will consider your request an up vote for that. :wink:

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