Adding Wi-Fi to Ruida RDC6445G

I have successfully connected Lightburn (Windows 10) to my Ruida RDC6445G controller. I purchased a cheap Vonets Wi-Fi VAP11G-300 Repeater/Bridge from Amazon.

Some steps for success:

  1. The Repeater/Bridge needs to be configured first before it can be used. Follow the instructions provided for use as a “Bridge” by first plugging it into a computer with RJ45 Ethernet jack. It can be powered using any USB port. You will select your SSID and add your current Wi-Fi network Password.

  2. Once this is done you will need to find your IP address assigned by your router. This can be done by opening the Browser and enter http://vonets.cfg. When signed in (admin, admin) and going through the menu options to find your IP address assignment.

  3. Configure your Ruida Device on Lightburn using the Manual Setting. Select Ethernet and enter the IP address assigned.

  4. Take the Vonets and plug the RJ45 plug into the Ethernet port on the Ruida Controller and the USB plug into the Udisk port for power. Through the Menu select “Controller Settings” then"IP Setting" and enter the previous IP address and then do a “Write”.


I did this as well, except converted an old WIFI router into a WIFI extender with DD-WRT. (The old WIFI router had a bridge mode with the old firmware, but I wanted to play with DD-WRT.)

Very convenient.

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Yes, that would work too. I unfortunately didn’t have an old router, so I looked for the cheapest alternative. The Vonets was less then $30 and is in a really small package. The convenience of Wi-Fi is nice to have.

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