Additional Settings Not Matching Device Settins

I am using Lightburn with an Ortur LM3 diode laser. In settings I have mm/min chosen, however, in Device Settings - Additional Settings tab shows all settings @ mm/sec. Is there a way to adjust/change that on the Additional Settings tab?

As in the red on the additional settings, it does not really mater.
In other words, it’s an internal thing. Only for preview.

Yeah, I get that it has no impact on operation of the laser, I’m not new to the software. To new users that are already overwhelmed with learning to use the program it just causes more confusion for them…plus it’s just sloppy program coding and would take the developers literally 2 minutes to fix…if that.

Probably the reason for the RED notice.
I get it as why clutter (and increase size) the program with code that in reality does nothing.

I missed the mm/second vs. mm/minute.

I’ll ask the team what’s up with this.

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