Adjust project tabs to suit different thickness material eg:: 2mm to 3mm

Hey All,

Is there a way to quickly adjust settings to suit various thickness materials
eg: i designed a box with tabs that are for a 2.5mm thickness MDF, now i am using 3.02mm MDF, instead of adjusting every tab and hole is there a quicker way? Thank you

No, not really except to scale it, as I will mention later.

If you design in Freecad or other cad based programs that allow you to parameterize the measurements (parametric), so you can change them. Change one and it will recompute the ‘object’.

That functionality has to be ‘designed in’ when the application is created.

I have never seen that ability in a 2d program. I think it’s essentially a third dimension you are adding in the mix.

If you change the size of the whole object, it should work. If you have a 3mm thick box that’s 100x100mm and you want to do it on 6mm stock … you can double the size to 200x200mm and it should work. You can try that technique, but most want the same size box…

If you can deal with a box that is 1.208 times bigger you should be able to just scale it by that much.

There are a ‘ton’ of ‘box generators’ out there on-line.

I use the a lot.

Good luck


As always you are a gem, thanks for the links. I thought there might have been a scale option built into lightburn as it would be a common request, obviously i am the minority not majority … haha