Adjusting power in move screen up to 200% when working

When my laser (x20 pro in this case) is busy with a job, the options in te move screen change, I knew you could alter your speed during it working but I have not seen the adjust power setting (see ss) If you could ‘‘overclock’’ the laser power wouldnt it just be an option beforehand?
I was engraving steel at max power and I whent to 120% but chickened out going higher, could anyone tell me whats up with this strange setting that is only available at the weirdest time. Also pecular that there isnt a single post aboout this…

Thanks in advance for any nfo
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Edit: or is it just for when your at lets say 10% and then you can adjust, and at max it has no effect?
think by typing this I just basically answered my own question but im leaving the post, hate wasted effort and maybe some answers will surprise me… so… surprise me please, dont let these 7 minutes of posting be in vain…
above 100% power lightburn
above 100% power lightburn

Grbl code is streamed to the device. When you ‘bump’ or change the speed or power when it’s running, I think it just modifies the gcode going to the laser ‘on the fly’ for the changes…

What specifically do you mean by what’s going on?


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