Adjusting the burn level


Is there any way to adjust the burn level on the laser?
I’m happy with the details but the picture looks very burn

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Lower the ‘Max Power’ value, or increase the speed (assuming the laser will keep up with an increased speed - some won’t)

Thank you for your reply.
I have noticed that if i increase the speed it will lose the details on contouring, i can only assume that the laser can not keep up with the increased speed.
I have a 7.5w laser.
Is there anything else that i can do that might work ?
I have seen some people are improvising an Air assist system , this might do a improvement in my case ?

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… so you aren’t able to lower the Max Power value?

When i lower the Value it will fade it too much

I have lowered the min value from 100% to 90% and Increased the speed by 200 and still the results are not very consistent , some areas have faded too much while some are too burned

Are you using ‘grayscale’ mode? If so, you can select the image, then right-click, and adjust contrast & brightness, as well as gamma (mid-tone) which will help. You could also use one of the dithering modes, which produce more even shading.

Some of the unevenness that you’re seeing here is a result of your choice of wood - the strong grain will have varying density, which is why on the faces, for example, the shading variations follow the curve of the grain. More consistent wood will help produce more consistent results.

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