Adjusting the Camera-Offset by 40cm

The Problem

I use a Longer Ray with extended FrameKit (40cm x 80cm) and a Camera that Covers an Area of 40cm x 40cm in the Origin/Lower-Half of the Cutter…

  • When i set the Device-Settings to (400mm x 400mm) everything works as expected.
  • When i set the Device-Settings to (400mm x 800mm) the Overlay-Camera-Picture is Displayed in the Center of the Work-Area in Lightburn.

Didnt work …

  • With the Camera-Offset in the Camera-Control i cant adjust the Offset as needed its limited to 50mm

Any idea how i can adjust the offset more than 50mm

It may be impractical to try to use a camera that only covers a portion of the workable area.

If this were to work you’d have to rerun the camera alignment. The target placement location may make this difficult.

Are you able to reorient and reposition the camera to cover the entire bed?

Well, the answer is no. As most Top-Mount - Laser-Cut-Camers (atleast in my opinion) it has a fixed focus so it can only be used 38cm above the bed. increasing the height or tilting the camera will defocus the picture.

so in this case, i would need 2x Top-Mount Cameras to cover the whole area [but lightburn can use only offsets of 50mm so its no help] or a camera with a massive fish-eye-optic and dunno maybe 8k sensor to get a usable resolution but the image distortian would be a pain.

i fully understand that the lightburn-camera feature is build the cover the whole area … and 98% the time my parts are smaller than 400 mm x 400 mm … and if i set the device-work-area to be 400mm x 400mm all is fine.

its just annoying that there is a offset limit of 50mm implemented … i mean why 50 mm ? in my case i could use the offset to work-around the case that the camera covers only a section of the work-area…

but yes … i guess i could buy another camera can try to cover the whole area … on the other hand that 50mm offset limit drives me nuts. :rofl:

What specific camera is this? Are you absolutely certain that the lens cannot be focused?

I think you might be overestimating the type of camera required. Even a 60 degree camera would be able to cover the bed area if mounted at 970mm height. There would be some distortion but are you aware that LightBurn accounts for distortion during the lens calibration process?

The offset feature is not meant to do the major camera positioning. It’s a fine adjustment after camera alignment.

Have you tried rerunning camera alignment as-is? Or alternatively are you able to reposition the camera so that it covers the middle 400 mm of the bed?

Its a “Sculpfun cam500” mounted at the front of the bed. … i cant really mount it on the railings …hmm i would have to build something to do this … but aside that … the majority of the time i use on specific half of the bed, simply because its easier to reach …

And thats okay … i only say that the limitation to 50mm is unneeded.

Well okay … i will test if i can attach a camera at the casing that covers the whole area …

Looks like this camera has a 120 degree lens. If you rotate the camera by 90 degrees you may be able to get close to 800 mm even at the 325 mm mounting height. You’d still need to sort out how to mount the camera so that it’s looking down the center of the bed.

In my opinion, there is an easy fix for this – add your laser twice. One with the bigger sized bed and another with the smaller one. Call the smaller device “LaserName - Camera”. Then it’s just a click in the laser window to switch between using the camera and using the full bed without the camera.

At least, that’s what I recommend to Sculpfun users, because the 400x400 camera doesn’t fit the extension kits and the new 600x600 Ultra series. I use it the same way and it works fine. I described it here:

For completeness: I tried to use the Sculpfun CAM500 for a bigger area, but results weren’t that great, the resolution is dropping noticeably. Though using it with 600x400 works quite ok.

Switching between diffrent Laser-Profiles didi it. Thats a really good solution!

After switching to the extended Profile:

Thats great, thanks a lot!

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