Adjustments on Pause/resume

Hello everyone!
I have the next question: When the laser is busy can I pause the job and do some adjustments ,to my project, and after that press on resume and countinue the job from where it was left, WITH the new adjustments ? The point is…if i pause the job and modify the project, after i click on resume, will the LB software continue with the new adjustmens?

No, the entire job is built into a memory buffer, then that job is streamed to the controller until completion. Nothing you do within the editor will affect the job being sent - this allows you to get the next file ready to send.

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can’t you add a JOB UPDATE button? :smiley:


The way the data is built is different for every kind of laser, and the settings aren’t stored in a single place. I build a huge text file for GCode systems, and would need to go through and potentially change every S value in the file. To do that, I would need to know which objects they were associated with, and which pixels of an image if you were working in grayscale. It would be a massive amount of work.

GRBL systems, and some others, have the ability to send a real-time override that adjusts the current speed or power by a percentage. I will have support for that at some point.

I may have the option to stop, and then resume a job from where you left off, but that is also a huge amount of work, and will take some time.

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