🎨 Adobe announces new AI tools to make your artistic life easier

Some great new features from Adobe

One of my favorites is a built in Font search tool

A tool for turning photos to graphic BW which is much welcomed in our laser engraving world.

An improved cut out and separation tool

Read more about it here

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Do most folks here design in Illustrator and then just use Lightburn to cut?

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I stop using the Adobe program since Adobe has switched to cloud based solutions, it’s just not me.
Lightburn and a rare time Inkscape, it fully meets my needs.

No cloud solutions for me now. I used to subscribe when I was running a portrait studio in Los Angeles . Now Cs4 is sufficient for me .



You can get on-PC copies, if you don’t want to use the cloud apps.

What does this mean?

You can get apps that reside on your desktop, for those that don’t have or don’t want internet connectivity.

You must connect to the Internet when you want to install Adobe Creative Cloud apps , such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Once the apps are installed on your computer, you don’t need an ongoing Internet connection to use the apps .

If it’s the subscription formula you don’t like, you can buy old-but-new copies of CS6 for very little, with legitimate licenses.

I’ve seen them on Amazon for $30-50.

I think the main point to what @bernd.dk was saying is that Adobe is now subscription based and before it was buy and “own” . It wasn’t that you have to be connected with an umbilical cord to the Internet.

The subscription based stops working when you stop paying and it seems like you get milked to death at $$.$$ a month.

I have used Adobe Lightroom as a photographer and was very happy about it. I bought the last, not online version, and still use it.
CS6 for $ 30-40, that’s very interesting, thank you Bo for the information.

Amazon DE has been a happy hunting ground for old stock legit copies, as well as eBay

Sasquatch, that’s exactly “my problem”. I don’t like being tied to a program this way, no matter what the cost. If it’s a service like window cleaning every 14 days, that’s fine with me, but having all its precious photographs with its edited versions of the originals, stored by people other than myself, is a problem. (I know the originals on my backup hdd are physically with me)

Lightburn’s renewal policy of the program is much better understandable to me and financially on another level as well. If I only want to use the features that the program offers today, I don’t need to buy an update and can use Lightburn for the next several years, that’s very fair I think. I really hope the Lightburn company never gets sold … and that Oz retains its moderate pricing policy.
… and also the fine work!!

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