Adobe Illustrator File Not Importing Colors Into Lightburn

I am struggling with the import function. I’m running Lightburn on a Mac with Monterey 12.5.1 for reference.

I have an AI file that has 6 colors plus black. The colors are the RGB colors Lightburn uses by default to create the distinctions between areas I want to engrave versus cut, etc.

If I Import the AI file directly, it erases the color and makes everything black, ignoring the color distinctions you can see below. If I use any other file type (I have tried PDF, JPG, PNG, and SVG) the same issue occurs. This is the PNG file for reference, I couldn’t upload the AI or PDF files.

I am frustrated, and I’d love some help.

Image filetypes (e.g. PNG, JPG) for sure will not retain layer information which is ultimately what the colors are about.

SVG should retain. I believe AI is meant to retain the layers but I do recall some potential issues there but I’m not as familiar.

Can you post the SVG file here? Also the AI file which you can upload by add “.TXT” as a suffix to the file.

Here is the SVG–Fireball_with_color
And the AI, linked in Google Drive--

It would appear the SVG isn’t importing correctly, no clue why. I’m absolutely baffled.

try to edit the extention in then post it

it looks like the AI file is made up of raster images in different layers plus one vector layer? Is that right?

I don’t see the images in the SVG file.

I’m not certain but I suspect it’s because you are using images that the layers are not being separated.

Are you able to retain the original vector shapes rather than using raster images?

That seems to have fixed it! I didn’t Image Trace + Expand the files before trying to bring them into Lightburn, and once I did that everything worked out basically the way I wanted it. I appreciate your help.

This tutorial is what I used, in case it is helpful for anyone else.