Adobe Illustrator Projects - Vectored Projects

I use Adobe Illustrator to create vectored projects. I’ve just started using LB and when I import these vectored Illustrator projects into LB, I end up with countless ‘open’ shapes in LB, despite spending time whilst in Illustrator, cleaning up and closing the project and closing all the gaps etc. Initially I have exported the Illustrator project into a .png file and then imported the png file into LB as an image. What is the best vectored format to import into LB?

I’ve found SVG about the easiest to move between tools, but I’m not an Illustrator user so can’t say for sure.

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Are the shapes filled in Illustrator, or just lines? If they’re just lines, but you are setting them to ‘Fill’ mode in LightBurn, you’ll get those warnings because you can’t “Fill” a line. There isn’t anything inherently better about SVG vs AI - at their core, they both store paths as a sequence of connected curves and lines, and if shapes are closed in Illustrator, the exported file will specify that the shape is closed, so it should be closed in LightBurn too.

As RalphU suggested I’m copying and pasting the work from AI…which seems to be working ok so far. Yes the shapes are filled in AI and when previewed seem to be yielding what I’m after!! Hopefully!! Thanks

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