Advanced image - need help making outline for cutting

Hey guys.

I’m currently looking for ways to use the “image trace” or somehow create an outline around a picture which isn’t as simple as 1-2-3.

Can anybody tell me the fancy-pancy way of doing this with the attached image e.g.?

THanks guys!

Move the ‘Threshold’ value up close to the maximum, and turn up the ‘ignore less than’ number to filter out some of the noise, like this:

I selected and removed some of the noise in the middle, then did a 2mm offset on what was left, giving this:

Un-group the result, delete the bits in the middle, move it all back toghether:


How do you delete the middle parts? When i use your settings it seems like everything is connected, and cant be deleted seperately? even though i ungrouped.

A lot of it still was connected, but after doing the outward offset most things turn into clumps that are easy to remove.