Advanced setting

I just downloaded 9.23…
In the Cut/Layer window, when I click the layer button to adjust, I have lost the ability to see the Advanced Setting option to allow objects to be filled in individually. In last version there was a secondary tab that could you could click and have a button to click to adjust how you want the objects to fill. what used to take me 5 minutes to do this one project is now taking me 45 minutes as the lases just goes back forth and not attack individual objects.

If I can’t fix this, can I go back to 9.21?

Thank you

Also, my readout at the top left corner states “Beginner Mode” ??? not sure what that means,

Go to Edit > Settings and turn off Beginner Mode in the upper-left of the window.

thanks for the lightning quick response, will this fix the Advanced Setting issue as well?

Yes - the reason you don’t see the ‘Advanced’ tab is because you have beginner mode enabled. It simplifies the UI.

you are a freakin genius, thanks, btw this forum is the best, kudos to you all

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