Advice for small dot diode laser

I use my laser exclusively to cut cardstock in the 0.010 to 0.045 inch range.

I had a 2.5 w Eleksmaker and could dependably focus it to get 0.006 +/- inch kerf, to use a saw analogy, with no noticeable difference in the x or y direction. I ran it too long and burnt it out.

I replaced it in kind and the new one gives totally unsatisfactory results. The “dot” is much bigger and is a rectangle. I emailed Eleksmaker a couple of time and it is a black hole.

Any suggestions for a 2.5 to 5.5 w laser module that can get me back to where I started?

I am new here and to lasers in general. from what i have found far on you tube and a couple of forums is it is kind of a crap shoot for dot size. I did see somewhere about a mention of a company in japan that had great quality laser modules and would not over drive them but I cant seem to find mention of that company again.

I do see a small kerf difference if i run vertical vs horizontal on my ortur. not that that is any help to you. actually I don’t think I said anything helpful, sorry.

Thanks for the input.

Near as I can find out all diode lasers put out a rectangle not a round dot or square.

I am looking at the Ortur 15w, which I understand is 4 to 4.5 w output. What are you running and what kind of kerf are you getting?

I have exchanged info with another Ortur 15w user and he is getting X KERF of 0.15 with a Y KERF of 0.22mm.

Kerf is a spec that no vendor discusses except NEJE which give out inconsistent and very small dot size suggesting round or square output. That reduces my faith in their numbers.

depending on the money you are willing to spend, there may be options however it is really xpensive.

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