Advice on editing shapes

My daughter gave me an image that she would like me to engrave on a charcuterie board. I plan on engraving in fill mode, but that leaves 14 leaf shaped objects solid black. Using the line tool, I attempted to close off those shapes so that I could use the offset tool to draw a closed shape inside each leaf so that the whole leaf is not solid black. I was able to draw short sections of line to close off each leaf but I could not figure out how to weld the new lines to the existing ones, un-group just those lines that make up the leaf and then use offset to create a new inside line. This would make much more sense if the pictures would upload but it doesn’t look like the forum is going to let me. Instead, I will attempt to draw a word picture. I’ve drawn a leaf at the end of a twig. In line mode the laser will draw the outline of that shape. In fill mode the twig and leaf will be solid black. I need a way to create a smaller leaf shape inside the existing one so that when the laser does fill it will leave the center of the leaf un-burnt. I also wish I could figure out why I can’t upload pictures, but that’s for another post.

if you can post the .lbrn file we can well understand your issue and help you better

I did that, also copy & paste, drag & drop and it never stopped processing the upload, so I gave up. I’ll try the ibrn file.
Charcuterie Board for M.lbrn (281.6 KB)
So, I had to switch to Edge so that I could upload the ibrn file. I’ll try the other pictures.
Cresent Moon Crop Line
If done in line mode.
Cresent Moon Crop Fill
If done in fill.
Cresent Moon Crop 3
This is kind of what I’m trying to do. It’s so much easier with pictures.

And there you have it! I still have a little nudging of nodes left to do until I’m completely satisfied with how it looks but YES, that’s how it’s done. Thank you. Man, I really love this software!!

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