Advice please, looking for an entry level laser under $1000 compatible with Lightburn :)

Hi! My name is Catherine, I am looking for suggestion on a laser that would be compatible with Lightburn software and a Mac computer that would be able to engrave Amethyst (about 7 on the mohs hardness scale-similar to the hardness of marble or agate). Hoping to spend less than $1000 on a laser, but understand that I likely will have to adjust my budget. hahaha. Also need a company that will be willing to ship to Newfoundland, Canada. Thanks in advance and look forward to learning more :smiley:

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You would probably need at least a 40 watt, something like a K40. I paid $2k for a 50 watt Omtech that has a 12"x20" bed and an adjustable Z axis (hand.)

The hardness is not of much concern when lasing is concerned. The main fact is that you need to use a laser frequency that will cause the molecules in the material to vibrate (heat up). When they heat up they either vaporize, melt or shatter, in simple terms.

I have done a bit with different types of slate. Some causes damage that is lighter, some darker, both slate.

Here’s a video from Trotec that’s should answer your questions. Note the power of his laser…

I think, if you look closely, the material is shattering…

Good luck

Look forward to seeing some of your work…


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