Affinity to Lightburn SVG Issues

I’ve seen posts about issues bringing Lightburn SVGs into Affinity Designer. I have the opposite issue. When bringing an Affinity Designer exported SVG into Lightburn text is unpredictable.

Here I have some text on a path.

Exported to SVG and loaded into MS Edge it looks perfect but Lightburn has major issues with the positioning:


SVG attached if Lightburn Support team can see what might be wrong?

Thanks for the tips. The file isn’t finished yet and I know I’d need to expand the strokes for the final import. This was really about the inability of Lightburn to properly render the SVG as is, without having to convert to curves. Since the browser is able to handle it, I am assuming that the SVG file is valid.

Understood, but SVG is a recognised file format that is rendering in Affinity Designer, in MS Edge, and the XML validates perfectly at SVG Sanitizer Test (

It seems that Lightburn just can’t handle the transform attribute?

The reason it failed to lay out properly is because I wasn’t properly handling the ‘px’ notation on the character positions (px = pixels, instead of mm, cm, etc). With that handled correctly, it now looks like this:

Now I just have to figure out why the font is incorrect - the way the file is specifying the font is different than I’ve seen before.

Edit: It’s likely just that I don’t have TimesNewRomanPSMT on my system, but I’ll double check.

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After installing the font and correcting the font name parser to handle the way Affinity outputs them, I get this:

This will be in the next release.


@LightBurn … and this is why Lightburn rocks.


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