Affordable C02 laser

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are there any affordable (used) C02 lasers on the market for <2000€?
It should be able to engrave with 600 dpi and should have some basic features like air assist, autofocus would be also very nice.
The device would be needed for high resolution engraving only.

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What are you trying to engrave at that dpi?

To produce a 600 dpi image, you laser/material needs to be able to produce a ‘dot’ that is 0.04mm.

I don’t have problems with the 0.1mm dot (254 dpi), but I don’t think I can produce a dot less than half that size. I don’t know if it will focus that small.

It’s also dependent on the material you are using. Slate won’t make as nice a ‘dot’ as acrylic.

Might get a smaller ‘dot’ from an led or other type of laser.

My China Blue is 50 watts (advertised), purchased through OMTech, it was right at $2,000.

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Thanks for your answer.
I want to engrave photos on wood. At the moment i’m doing this at 300 DPI and the results are already nice. But then i see Lasers like the glowforge where they saying you can engrave with >1000 DPI. Is this practically possible?
I know that you are limitied through the resolution from the source image and that the DPI changes when you scale the picture but i think most of “normal” photos that were taken the last years are in the range of 300-600 DPI when you want to engrave them on 150x100mm for example.

Here are a couple of videos that I found useful. His British humor is worth putting up with…

This is the ‘dot’ pattern that he uses.

dotSize.lbrn2 (4.9 KB)

You will need to click on ‘Zoom to Selection’ zoom-to-frame-selectionto view it…

To produce a 1000 dpi image you would have to be able to produce a ‘dot’ of (25.4/1000) 0.0254mm…

Also, if you have an 8x10 image that is 200 dpi and you ‘shrink’ it to fit into something, say 1/2 that size, 4x5 the dpi will now be 400…

This is my co2… I also have a Neje 30 watt LED module.

Take care…

Good luck, we are waiting to see your artwork…


As @jkwilborn writes, for 2000 euros you get a new machine, if you buy a used one, you still have to buy a new tube :wink:
Your desire for this resolution is unrealistic for a CO2 laser.

I’ve already seen some videos from RdWorks and found them very useful. Also watched this one:

No more questions… :smiley: