After buying software and activating

After I bought the light burn software and activated it my home button and z axis quit working. I have a g cod device and it worked fine on the free trial . But now it dose not work.

What computer system are you using?
Have you checked system setting at the top of the screen and checked you have the ‘home’ set correctly?
Could you upload the code settings in the ‘console’.

I am using windows 10 and I am new to this . I will check and see If I have it set

It takes a while to get used too…

When I hit the home button it said check limits and the z axis will not move either

When you reset does it home?

I turn the machine off and the software and back on and it dose not change.

Make sure that the controller is actually powered correctly. The homing cycle is started by LightBurn, but it is the laser controller itself that runs it, so a homing failure or check limits message is something in the controller, not LightBurn, and it’s often caused by not plugging in the power supply.

The USB connection is enough to power the board, but not the motors, so it can seem like it’s on when it isn’t. (I’ve been caught by this more than once myself)

Thank you for your help , after you told me that . I checked my limit switches and found that my z motor wire some how came unplugged.

That wire was just so excited by the activation that it jumped out of its connection! :slight_smile:


Jeff, I like your wise words. Besides the fact that you have a very extensive knowledge regarding laser and are always helpful, there is probably a little Confucus in you. Next to that, you have given me the first smile on my face today - Thank you

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