After I move to a position, the "get position" button returns the wrong value

The machine is running properly with existing project, have a coordinate problem with get position. This is my second machine (same machine (400mmx400mm)) IWECOLOR (hobby machine from amazon). * when I enter 200x200y in the move to position box and hit go, it move to the 200,200 position correctly. Then when I hit “get position” button it reads "-15800x,-15800y. I also read a thread about the “$#” command, and I did that.Before the move all zeros, after the move all the MPos were correct (200.00,200.00,0.00) but WCO: was (16000,16000,0) —not sure how to add screenshot I took.

I noticed on my other machine, I get different results from the “$#” command, These are the same machines so I’m confused. Is there a way to reprogram the controller board?

Update something is DEF wrong, it only cuts one object then when it goes to the next object, laser doesn’t fire (on multiple cut project)

Hi Michael,

Try this.
In console type in sequence
press enter on each

then copy/paste output here.

press enter. Then restart laser
This should reset everything to defaults

I tried that, nothing changed. It’s like I’m only getting one way communication. The laser isn’t talking back to the PC (my opinion). I reset it, get position was 0,0, I moved it 50mm to the right and then hit get position and it shows -3950,0. then I move it down 50mm and get postion reads -3950,3950. I move it down another 50mm and get position reads -3950,7900. Like there is an extra 3,900mm in those moves. (It’;s actually moving the correct amount of distance though)

Please post a screenshot of lightburn full screen
Also image of edit > Device settings



PROBLEM SOLVED. I had to load the CH341SER drivers. Also needed to be setup as Marlin and fix a couple settings.