After lastest LB update Xtool D1 Pro engraving to the left

I have been using LB for nearly a year and have had excellent results. After I upgraded to the newest version of LB I found this issue… Framing fine then engraving off the material to the left. I have done this design multiple times previously on the same material successfully. I decided to run a test to confirm it was not the machine. I loaded my design into Xtool XCS software and the job ran flawlessly. This leads me back to LB. Looking for any other suggestions why LB might be doing this after the update?

Please provide the following:

  1. full screenshot with the design loaded and ready to burn
  2. screenshot of Edit->Device Settings
  3. photo of the resulting burn
  4. please confirm whether or not you use the red crosshairs or the blue diode for framing

Check you have the start point under the “start button” set to the right setting depending on how you usually work.

  • Current Position
  • User Origin
  • Absolute Coordinates

Thanks for your quick response. Just at a point now to provide you with the information you requested
LB Image Work Area
LB Image Device Settings

Im also using the blue light to frame
I look forward to your response!

Better picture of device settings

If you’re using the blue diode for framing then disable the “Enable pointer offset” in Edit->Device Settings.

Then retest.

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Seems that was the issue. Solved! Thanks for your help!

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