After pressing play

So you program and then setup and press play. The information is sent to the laser.

At this point is the computer needed or is everything stored on the memory in the controller.

Ortur 20 watt laser (5.5 optical output)

After laser starts I always clear the screen and get ready to run my next project.
It’s never affected the run at all.
Once started I am able to change the settings in the rudia controller on the laser and thats from starting the job from the lightburn screen.

Anyone ever pulled the USB connection from the computer to the laser after pressing play? Just wondering if it’s self contained, which I think it is - or not.

Any g-code machine requires the computer to be plugged in the entirety of the run as the computer is buffering commands to the controller. This is not true for DSP controllers.

LightBurn, however, does this somewhat “in the background” so that you can continue to do design work while this is running. I generally never touch the design, though, in case I need to make a repair or otherwise recover from a burn.

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