After Stop, cant return to origin?

So I noticed recently that if i have to click STOP during a burn, it freezes the laser right there, but then clicking GO TO ORIGIN nothing happens.
Before I start I use SET ORIGIN and SET FINISH POSITION and thats fine.
But when Stopping in the middle of a burn and then i want the head to go back to the set origin position, it does nothing.
Why is Stopping loosing the origin position? Any way around this?
(Using a XTOOL D1 PRO 10w)


Pushing stop is considered an alarm condition. Position cannot be guaranteed at that point.

If you want to stop consider pushing pause first, then stop. This may avoid the alarm condition and retain position.

However, I’m not certain xTool D1 will behave this way due to it’s non-standard implementation and potential firmware bugs.

I will give that try… pausing first.

Nope. Didnt work. Pause then stop or pause then Origin and it still stays right where it paused and wont return to origin. :frowning:

Did you try pause->stop->origin? That’s what you would need to do for this to potentially work.

Side question, does going to Origin work before starting a job?

Yes, Pause > Stop > Origin does not work. I can Resume after a pause and at the end of the job it returns to origin.
I can move the head in lightburn then go to origin and works. Its only when I stop a job with with just stop or pause > stop, It can not return to origin by pressing origin. Its just annoying when making multiple of the same thing that might be in a jig or exact right place then have to stop (which admittedly is not often) but cant get it back to the perfect origin that was set for.

Does it work to create a “Saved position” and go to that?

Can you click “Get Position” after doing a Pause->Stop? What is the reported position? What happens if you type this in Console after a Pause->Stop:

G0 X0Y0

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