After typing text in LB and convert to path i can edit the nodes i can only move them

After typing text in LB and converting it to a path I can’t edit the nodes I can’t use any of the options I can only move them around

Works for me.
Please describe your steps?
What version of Lightburn are you using?

While in Node Mode, only type the letter and not any other key.(CTRL key).

It works on graphics traced from pics, but not the text, or maybe because I am typing in Arabic. not sure

latest 1.5.06

steps are type, offset to make it thicker then edit the letters

Can you post an example here (lbrn2) so we can try to reconstruct your problem. I also have no problem converting and processing text.

Are you deleting original with offset?
Maybe if you ungroup the result. ( I think offset becomes a different grouped “entity”)

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