AI file layers appearing when they were disabled in AI?

Hi. I have a file that I am trying to do (first timer here). The original file was created by the client in AI and there are items that I do not need because they overlap etc. So I turn those layers off (clicking the little eye icon in AI) and then save that edited file with a new name. When I open that file in lightburn it continues to show the original file with all layers turned on. I confirmed that the new file opens on it’s own in AI with all the layers turned off. How can I open this file with the layers turned off?

Thank you

Lock them in Illustrator. Locked layers are not imported. It might seem an odd distinction, but guide lines show up as just “lines” in the AI file, but they’re locked, so that’s what I use to suppress those, and I know people will often have lots of content in a file they’re working with, but hide certain layers to make editing simpler. We could potentially add options to skip hidden layers too.


Thank you!

interesting option,

I’ve always saved in svg from AI didn’t realize i could open native AI in lightburn!! even better :slight_smile:
You guys rock.

We even added support for the new AI 2020 compression format in 0.9.20.


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