AI Nesting program

Has anyone tried a program called AI Nesting? It seems to work A LOT BETTER than SVG Nest. I just do a quick outline of the material I need to nest into and then select it and the items I want to nest and export as an .ai file then open in AI Nesting. works great, my only problem is it “breaks apart” each of my letters and nests everything separately. I have tried different methods of grouping/welding each letter, but it still breaks them up. Does anyone have any thoughts??? Thanks, Wes

Thank you for this information. Willing to share a link? :slight_smile:

Sure, here ya go. I think you can download a demo/trial version. I believe it is just $49 to purchase. For that price i am very impressed, an is fairly easy to use with lightburn. Now if i could just figure out the letter thing. :slight_smile:

Hey Rick, did you ever get a chance to look at this nesting software? If so, thoughts???

This isn’t particularly AI, but it’s open source

On the list, but I have not played with as yet.

I’ve played with Deepnest and really enjoyed it. I believe Fusion also has some nesting abilities now that I have yet to play with.

I currently use the nesting in my Signlab, it is pretty robust. I was just looking for an easier import/export route. I would be willing to take start a collection to fund more research on getting some nesting incorporated into Lightburn. I know it is on the table and just takes time and money. Maybe they could talk to the guy who came up with this program and somehow incorporate it into Lightburn. :slight_smile:
But that is way over my pay grade. Even as is, I think Lightburn is hands down the best laser software out there!

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