Air assist attachment for Ortur LU2-2A module

Hello All! This isn’t a LightBurn question, so I apologize if I shouldn’t have posted it on the LightBurn forum, but I can’t seem to find a general engraving forum. So I thought this section (Community Talk) might be the place to post it. Anyway, to my question…

I’m trying to find an air assist attachment for my Ortur LU2-2A laser module, but I can’t seem to find any for THIS module. Does anyone make one? And in case it matters, I’m using the Ortur Z-height adjuster with it on the Aufero AL-1.

I’ve check out the King Gubby website, but I didn’t see one there that specifically stated it worked for the LU2-2A. For now I’m using a home made setup that works, but I’d like to have something nicer.


YOu would need to find a 3d Print part and print or buy it

Lu2-2 = Lu2-4SF in frame but i am uncertain if the shield is the same size

Thanks for the info Gil! Yes, I found several 3D files, but don’t have anyone to print them. I have the LU2-4 LF, but not the LU2-4 SF. But the frames for the two modules I have are exactly the same, so I’m assuming the SF frame would be the same as well–with the only different between the three being the beam adjustment height. And my LU2-2A has the same magnetic base as the SF, so I think I’m going to just buy the King Gubby side mount attachment for the SF with Z-axis adjuster. It’s only half the cost of the other one, so not that much of a loss if it doesn’t fit. I was just hoping someone might know of one guaranteed to fit.