Air assist fan identification needed - Gweike Cloud RF Metal

Hello Laser People,

I have quite a problem. Today my Gweike Cloud RF metal air assist fan suddenly stopped working in the middle of a engraving job and now the results are obviously not so good. I don’t really know if the air assist fan itself is broken or if it’s something related to powering the fan.

The fan is connected to a silicone tube that leads to the laserhead. Besides from the fact that I think the airflow is very limited this way, it apparently provided enough airflow to improve the results.

Can someone help me indentify this fan? It looks like it has some sort of controller PCB mounted to it. There is no voltage rating, manufacturer or other specification printed on the casing. I did contact Gweike for a replacement fan under warranty, but they are pretty slow with replies. It would be nice to know which fan this is to be able to order them online. Thanks!

It looks custom. I don’t see it as a generic aliexpress part.

Sometimes the obscured side of the board offers a part number or a manufacturer’s logo.

I did a quick search of blowers on and there were something like 3000 options. I didn’t go thru them all. Lol. A couple looked close, but you would need all the specs to get it right. Physical size, mounting details, voltage, control/wiring, etc.

I’d encourage you to take that PCB off and see if there are any identifiers under it, or on the opposite side.

Even the silk screening on the PCB to aid assembly (component IDs, etc) can be extremely helpful.

I use,, and for most of my electronics parts needs. There are many others.