Air assist help. Figuring out what I need

Is there a air assist kit that I can buy for everything I need when it comes to having air assist help?

What type of laser will you be fitting it to? :blush:

Hi, i made my own with
and 4mm silicone tubing and copper brake pipe 3mm and 2 mm all from Amazon.
Only needed about 2 inch of the 2mm and about 8 inch of the 3mm.
Guess the rest will come in handy if i ever need it :thinking:
Plus a few cable ties.
Same laser…

There is at least one kit made by a company called CloudRay…

It has all the bits needed plus some you may not need or be in a position to use, but, it will give you a really good idea of what’s needed.

Here’s a very good YouTube that shows it all.

Also this little pump will work but if you have an option for something a little bigger will be super.


He has a diode setup.

Ah OK, then really I can’t help much

The actual setup is really nice and you can make an air for cutting, no air or little air for Engraving setup, or, just no air :blush:

Well one hidden trick for cutting is use nitrogen instead of air. Elimination of the O2 will reduce the char and browning of your edges.

How i knocked up mine, works great.
Parts in the above message.

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