Air assist help

no, i haven’t noticed anything different

this is the one i use in both my diode, mine is the ACO 318, and yours?

But you where listening at the pump in the same condition you take the picture or you say that in general?

Clueless to what model it was. I had it set up for my main compressor, but having just moved, I’ve reverted to using it again until things are set up. The spouse offered to buy me a new compressor after listening to my noisy one run.

@angiecong Probably just order a replacement, it’s probably toast considering it’s the most likely component to fail.



i’ve seen is the ACO-001 :wink:
and mine is not so noisy

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I converted mine to air assist and I have a very noisy ‘cheap’ chinese air compressor, like Harbor Freight. When it cycles you can’t hear anything.

I just moved and have reverted back to the one in the photo. Have live with it until we are more suitably moved in and it’s our house…

The spouse promised I could upgrade to one of the quiet compressors.