Air assist no output from Ruida controller

I have installed the air assist upgrade to my laser and am unable to get any output from the controller.
I have checked the wiring and all is ok. I have added an override switch just to get the air assist to function manually. I have even installed an led on the outputs of 24 volt and wind to see if the output will drive the led and still nothing. Any ideas?

There’s a place in Ruida machine settings to enable the “wind” pin. Perhaps yours isn’t enabled.

Would you have an idea on how to access this setting?
The controller is a RDC6442G.

Edit > Machine settings.
Scroll down to Vendor Settings and look for “Enable air-assist output”

I am using LB is this for RD Works?

Thanks I found it.

Good deal

Did it do what you needed :thinking:

Yes air assist is working perfectly now.
I never saw the machine settings before, probably just breezed over it.


Cool :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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