Air Assist on/off button option

I just received my Sculpfun S30 that has an air assist pump that is controlled by Lightburn. Does Lightburn have a button to turn on/off the pump when you aren’t actually running a job? I want to test the air flow before running a job and can’t do that too well when the laser is engaged.

You can do it manually. Go to the console window and send “M8” as command. The pump should turn on (if it doesn’t, try M7, I don’t remember exactly which one it is). You can then turn it off by sending M9.
If you use that often, you can create macro buttons for this.


Or you can create a couple of macros with commands told by @misken

Thanks! I figured that there was a Gcode command that could be sent and knew that M8 was used but didn’t realize that it was as simple as that. Nor did I know the code to turn it off. Thanks again!

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