Air Assist Rapid Toggle

I actually didn’t know what RDWorks was previously, I had seen it mentioned in similar threads but it looked like it was the firmware running on the controller itself. Now I see that it is a stand-alone Windows app similar to LightBurn, but apparently one that almost nobody uses since I have never heard of it until now (granted I’m a laser newbie with no knowledge of laser software history).

I could only find a download for RDWorks in once place (or at least one place that I trust not to put viruses on my computer): RuiDa Controller Manual and Software Download | Best Co2 Laser Controller

It looks like in that pile of links it would be the one called “RDWorksV8(8.01.52).rar”, but that link is borken. The link below it is the Mac version, which works. The .60 and .54 version links above it are a similar windows/mac pair where the windows link is broken. So no joy.

You really have to wonder why an air setting nobody would ever possibly want became the default. The air assist that came with the machine just runs all the time even when no program is running. Some people have got around this problem by just adding a switch to manually toggle the relay on at the start of a job and turn it back off afterwards. That is certainly less than ideal, but still better than beating up your relay on every job.

@ednisley great video, I have sent people to him that have done diy and/or attempted to change the home corner and ended up with the proverbial can-o-worms option. He has fixed them up, so he’s a great resource. He also charges by the hour, I understand.


If you got a usb stick with software when you purchased your machine, it should have RDWorks on it. Since it’s the only software that’s created by the manufacturer and when you have issues, they require you to run RDWorks to help you out.

Didn’t see a link below… I did look at the only link, but didn’t see a Mac…

I’ve never heard of a release of RDWorks for anything other than a Windows os. Most people that run them on other os’ use some type of virtual windows box to run the software.

I can’t imagine the Chinese putting the effort into porting their software to the small group that use a Mac and even less for Linux.

They can’t keep their software stable and it’s a random release dates are an issue. There is Chinese software for fiber machines called EZCad, which is commonly referred to as EZCrash … I’m sure you can figure out why. It’s probably the best software that reflects the old adage of fix one bug, a bunch more come to the funeral… is evident in their updates.

I understand that the option we’ve been speaking about is not available in all versions of RDWorks. I don’t know as I don’t run it … I use Linux, if it weren’t for Lightburn, I wouldn’t have one of these machines that have the Ruida or BJJCZ control boards.

Unfortunately Russ’ site (I think) for RDWorks, is now de-funk. It used to have a lot of very good information on the software and Ruida controllers… If anyone knows where the information went, I’d like to know.

One thing I do know, that with almost half a century of dealing with hardware and software, the more I know or learn, the more it made me realized how little I knew. Same with these, you think you have a handle on it then the Chinese throw a curve ball…

These are mostly opinions, unless you wrote the code AND built the hardware, we assume we know… sometimes our bubble gets busted.

I think we’re all here to learn and attempt pass on some knowledge to others.


You’re right, there actually was a USB stick that came with the laser that I never even saw and it does have an RDWorks installer on it. It’s the strangest looking USB stick I’ve ever seen, it looks more like a metal spare part than it does a USB stick.

This forum is great! I’m not used to getting such high caliber help on a forum like this.

I was so fascinated with the USB stick design I had to go searching for it on Amazon to buy more of them. These are a much better design than the traditional ones where the metal sleeve breaks off easily, or the super annoying telescoping ones that slide back into their shell when you try to insert them. Now if Amazon could just make product link URLs that weren’t 5000 characters long :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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The actual link ends with B0CLR9B4MV/, the rest is tracking information and isn’t needed…

This is the required part of the link… it’s about 4925 less than your estimate :crazy_face:

Learn something everyday? … me too :grimacing:


Yeah, this place is fun!

I could swear Amazon used to have a link that would put a url friendly version of the page link onto the clipboard, but I don’t see it anymore.

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Just to agree and reinforce that we know less and less every moment because every moment an exponential amount of knowledge is generated that we can’t and is “impossible” to absorb and keep up with. The pace is too fast.

Even if development was static, I’d never catch up…


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My browser, it says copy without site tracking when I right click on the link.



Then there’s the problem of forgetting things you already knew. We are basically trying to fill a bucket with holes in the bottom.

Be careful about being familiar with the M2, you are showing our age!

Getting back to the original topic, when I installed and ran RDWorks, I still didn’t see any options that relate to the air assist in the vendor settings. Not even the one to turn it on or off like what LightBurn has.

I trust you searched for things like “wind”, “blow”, and “air”, because “assist” seems not in the vocabulary.

So it may well be there are no such settings and the timing module I suggested far upstream may be the only way to convert the chattering output to something usable.

I find this hard to believe, too, but I’m getting better at it. :grin:

I know there is one that allows you to select if wind is active only when lasing or during the whole layer that air assist is executing.

Some Ruida turn up that way as a factory setting and only RDWorks seems able to change it. It may even require a special release version.


Even just a switch to turn the air on wouldn’t be such a bad thing. That would allow you to check that air is working before running a job. The other day I started a rubber gasket cutting job and the compressor had been turned off without me knowing it. There’s a pretty big orange flame that air assist hides when cutting rubber! I like the idea of being able to turn the air on before starting the job just to know that it is working.

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