Air Assist Upgrade

Dumb question for the folks here that are more expert … is it worth upgrading the air assist on an Omtech 80W CO2? I haven’t had a lot of issues but I see some people online cutting through 1/4" Baltic Birch faster than mine with less power… would the upgrade help with this?

yes it should.

Thanks! Any recommended kits?

im only basing my response on knowing that more air is usually better for cutting. im not familliar with your machine, but i have “buddied” air pumps on controlled and not controlled air assists systems. for the controlled version you need to put the 2 air pump power supplys on a splitter (splitter) then into your machine. for the non controlled version like lots of diodes, simply add an air pump with a "T’ fitting.

hope this helps.


I assume you use the aquarium pump that came with the machine? It works for keeping debris off the lens …

I find 60lbs makes a clean clear cut with less smoke and cleaner edges and the bonus slightly lower power…

After using this with my noisy compressor, I bought a 20 gallon quiet compressor there was such a difference.

Do you have an old air compressor laying around you could hook up and try it… they are pretty cheap, but noisy.


Yeah, I have a good Kobalt. You know, the aquarium pump I thought was for the cooling and I have a chiller so I never hooked it up. I thought this one had an internal air assist pump but maybe I’m just doing this without air assist and I’m probably going to feel really stupid! :smiley:

There is a water pump and an air pump… I hope … my 50W had both also… both were a piece of junk, but did work…

The original air pump was inside…

You can see where I added Ethernet for the bridge and a connector for the chiller to tell the Ruida when it was working…

If you need help let us know…


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Will do. I’ll have a look but I have a good air compressor so just need to bust it open and see where it goes. Thanks!!