Air Assist Volume

I am trying to get an idea of how much or little air pressure is needed. I bought a aquarium air pump recommended on a laser site. Not sure which. There is very little air pressure. Before I spend money buying another would like to know what is needed. I read here that people use it for blowing the soot created from black tile engraving while engraving. That would seem to indicate a fairly strong stream of air. I have shop pressure available but was hoping to not have to listen to a large air compressor.
Should there be a strong stream of air. I know this is subjective.
Thank You

This test sold me on wanting to replace my noisy shop air compressor for a $45 fish pump compressor.

1189 GPH for $45 -


Good link, Doug! And @SteveOk54, great question!

Great information Doug! Thanks for taking the time to put together a test that showed actual results.
I have ordered the air pump linked above.

The air assist volume depends on what you want to do, engraving or cutting. I learned that when you engrave a little air is needed just to prevent that dust is going in the tube of the laser, when you cut more air is needed, not to muts otherwise you are cooling the cut.
You can see in the photos that I replaced the original air line with 2 lines. One has a fine adjustment to correctly regulate the amount of air that there is overpressure at the lens all the time. The secund line is is controlled by a solenoid valve that is activated by the output “Wind” of the RUIDA controller.
Hopefully it will help you
So i can switch between engraving and cutting without to think about the air assist.