Air assist wiring on Eleksmaker A3

Hi all,

Could someone help me to wire my air pump in 220V to use the “air assist” feature of Lightburn on my Eleksmaker A3. I know I cannot draw current at 220V from the board directly, but which pin will be set high on the board when I turn it on? Of course then I would use a relay in between.


Here is a diagram I made, I hope this could help ! :wink:

A3 pin should be the one you are looking for.
Be carefull : this pin can’t draw more than 40mA (recommended 20mA), 5V. You should use one transistor between the board and the relay (plus free wheeling diode)…

LightBurn emits the M8 command for air assist by default, so that would be the A3 pin shown. A solid-state relay would be ideal for this - they draw very little current, but can switch high power loads easily.

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