Air assist works on line but not fill

I engrave and cut a fair amount of traffolyte type materials. Air assist is not operating during the engraving process (fill) but works okay on cutting (line) any clues please?

Do you have a dual air assist setup? That comes standard on Thunderlaser units and owners of other units have been installing similar mods. For cuts the dual air assist applies full air flow and reduced it for engravings via a flow reducing valve. If you have dual air assist maybe the valve on your engraving side is closed too much…

Try using ‘Send’ instead of ‘Start’ - I’ve seen issues with newer Ruida controllers (including Thunder machines) where they don’t trigger the air assist on the first layer if you “Start” the job, but it’s fine if you “Send” it. (this only happens in Serial/USB connections - if you use Packet/USB mode or an Ethernet cable, it works regardless).

I have tried using the “send” but air assist still only operates on line not fill. I engrave a fair amount of “traffolyte” and without the air assist I am burning the ash back onto the surface. The machine I’m using is a Prytec 100W. I do appreciate the help.

What controller do you have? and, if you can find it, what firmware revision? (it should show on the controller screen when you first power up)

Well, having read your query re the controller etc. I had to wait until I could get back to where the machine is located. A colleague had already taken the panel off the side to check the same problem at the air solenoid level. As it turns out, it has two solenoids (one for engraving, one for cutting?) The push in hose connector had become disconnected on one of them and once the hose end was trimmed and put back in place we have air! Thanks for you response to my question. BTW I am having a great time learning to use Lightburn (sometimes by making mistakes)

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