Air assistant problem

I have ruida 6442s and air assistant dosent work at all. Controller i/o “wind” is dead and try change that in rdworks but no succecs. Maybe is firmware problem but my laser have pretty new firmware and i dont find any firmware for that controll.
Sorry my poor english

I have both of the latest firmware versions at the top of my Google Mod Page for the 6442. Read the notes, the S and the G use different firmware, one is single head only, the other supports dual head.

Is it turned on in your machine settings?

thanks man but it’s not solve this problem … i try this
i gues it’s firmware

Hi, what are you hoping to find on the wind pin ?

You mentioned it’s dead



Don’t forget, the Ruida switches the ground for WIND, not the positive. You have to go from the + to the wind to get a circuit.

Yes , i know that.
I guess that controll ( wind port ) is broken. i hope i found new firmware , then i can try that but seem very unlikely that fix to problem

You could use the ’ status ’ port and change the relay from normally open to normally closed position to energize the solanoid :slightly_smiling_face: