Air assistant problem

I have ruida 6442s and air assistant dosent work at all. Controller i/o “wind” is dead and try change that in rdworks but no succecs. Maybe is firmware problem but my laser have pretty new firmware and i dont find any firmware for that controll.
Sorry my poor english

I have both of the latest firmware versions at the top of my Google Mod Page for the 6442. Read the notes, the S and the G use different firmware, one is single head only, the other supports dual head.

Is it turned on in your machine settings?

thanks man but it’s not solve this problem … i try this
i gues it’s firmware

Hi, what are you hoping to find on the wind pin ?

You mentioned it’s dead



Don’t forget, the Ruida switches the ground for WIND, not the positive. You have to go from the + to the wind to get a circuit.

Yes , i know that.
I guess that controll ( wind port ) is broken. i hope i found new firmware , then i can try that but seem very unlikely that fix to problem

You could use the ’ status ’ port and change the relay from normally open to normally closed position to energize the solanoid :slightly_smiling_face:

I thought the Status port sank current during the ‘run’? It would be on, but you couldn’t control it via software, like the wind. Maybe I have the status port operation wrong… ?

It’s just the reverse of the Wind :blush:

STATUS goes on and off with the job, WIND goes on and off with either the laser tube or the layer depending on your programming choice. I used STATUS some time back when a firmware upgrade quirk caused problems with my WIND output.

What firmware version do you have? The latest I’m aware of for the 442 is .67.

Just finished wiring mine up with a ssr to control the air pump and fan via the status sink. It goes low during a run. No air assist on the layer is low pressure, air assist sinks Wind and bypasses the air pressure restriction, giving full pressure.

Oh yeah, that’s the quirk of the WIND and STATUS on the Ruida, they switch the ground, not the positive.

That’s not really a quirk. A lot of equipment work that way. We usually switch the voltage, but a current sink is not uncommon. Lots of systems I’ve worked on operate that way. I’m usually surprised when it works the other way.

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