Air Flow - Air Assist Issue

I got my first laser machine and am trying to get it to work properly. I got the Aeon Mira 7 C02 laser machine.
I’m using the machine mainly with paper. There seems to be an issue with the air flow in my machine. When I put the air assist on it causes a feathered outline of debris around the cut. See image:

When I take off the air assist I get a clean nice cut but the machine loses power after the first cut and then stops working all together.
I understand that the air assist should be a benefit and help with getting a cleaner cut and here It’s making things worse. What can be the issue?

On paper, I use the lowest pressure I can, just to keep the lens clean. I cut my share of parchment paper, circles for baking bread…

If it’s losing power, it’s probably a dirty lens. You didn’t mention where or what on this…

What speeds/power are you running?


Yeah, without the air assist the lens gets dirty. But does it make sense that it loses power after only one cut?
That’s why I’m using the air assist, it’s keeping the lens clean, but it’s getting the paper very dirty. Isn’t the air assist supposed to help with the dirt?
Below is the power and speed I’m using:

I have air flowing anytime the machine runs at a low pressure, when I enable air assist on the layer it switches to high pressure.

Do you have any control of the air pressure?

The power seems pretty high for cutting paper. I don’t know what you are cutting, besides paper, but I cut paper, like my targets and baking sheets at around 200mm/s@25%.

I have a 50 watt China blue.

If it’s losing power after 1 cut, I’d think you have an alignment problem without more information.

If you cut from the top down, then the debris will end up on the work, assuming your exhaust is vented out the back.

Vector cuts tend to move around a lot.


I’m cutting 80 lb (250 grm) card stock. The baking sheets are probably pretty thin - no?
I have a 60 watt Aeon machine
The mirrors are all aligned. It seems like for some reason, (which is what I’m trying to figure out) when I turn the air assist off there is tons of dirt flying around and getting the lens dirty and causing the machine to lose power. It seems to me like the dirt is more than the usual.
My exhaust is in the back of my machine. What do you mean by ‘If you cut from the top down, then the debris will end up on the work’?
Do you think there can be a obstacle blocking the air way somewhere?

I’m not cutting anything near that heavy…

If your vent is drawing to the rear and you start your engraving from the rear, all the ‘burning’ is being done ‘upwind’, so the debris must travel across that which has already been ‘burned’.

That is all.

There are lots of speed and power combination to that will effectively cut the material. I think you need to try is to fine tune the speed and power to find the ‘sweet spot’.

Can you reduce the air flow? Try lower the pressure and adjusting your speeds and power.


Guess will try to play around with the speed and power - thanks. :grinning:
I can reduce the air flow, it just does not make any difference. Once I put it on even just a drop I get the dirt all over.

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