Air not shutting off after cutting

I have an job that has an engraving layer and a cut layer. The engraving layer is set with the air off and the cut is the last layer in the job with the air assist on. Once the cut is complete, the air remains on. I have an air solenoid connected to the wind and +24 on the Ruida. If I run the job a second time right after, the air also doesn’t turn off from the previous job. Any help would be great

Can you run a simple file in RDWorks to see if that software does the same thing? If it does, it would likely be a firmware version issue.

Thank you for the feedback. I’ve never installed RDWorks as Lightburn is my goto software. Is there a firmware version that my Ruida should be on that is confirmed to work with the air assist?

I can’t tell you that - I don’t have a list, but it’s worth checking to see if RDWorks exhibits the same behavior just because it would potentially tell us if it’s a software issue (if only LightBurn has the problem) or a firmware one (if both programs behave the same).

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