Alarm 2 & Error 11

Trying to engrave a photo. I keep getting the following.


Tried a different photo also, very similar results.

i guess it is just the overscanning, but the error 11 was really confusing me??

You may need to adjust you “Max Travel” parameters.

In console window type $$ and hit Enter.
See if the photo dimensions are within the values of parameters (in red box) below.

I was able to move it off of 0,0 and get it to go. the 2.5% overscanning seemed to be giving me the Alarm 2. I don’t understand why I was getting the Error 11 though?

I appreciate the help.

Error 11 is a GCode related error.
As I haven’t been at this long enough to be able to help effectively, I suggest you do a search here on the forum because this is a frequent and already debated problem.

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