ALARM:2 Sculpfun S30 Pro Max w/Y-axis Extension

Sculpfun S30 Pro Max with Y-axis extension. All I’m trying to do is run a materials test to determine the best speed and power settings. I get the below message. Preview works fine. Before I hit Start, I CAN hit the frame button and it will dry-run the square for the output just fine, but when I click start, it prints the X-axis scale, starts to print the Y-axis scale, then hangs and gives the below message. I’m new to this but trying to learn.

G-code motion target exceeds machine travel. Machine position safely retained. Alarm may be unlocked. (Right-click the ‘Devices’ button to reset the connection)
On or near line 3138:
Job halted

Can you confirm the following:

  1. You’ve extended Y-axis travel by updating GRBL configuration $131 to match the extension size
  2. You’re homing the laser before each session
  3. You are not moving the laser head by hand after homing. As-in you are using jogging controls exclusively.
  4. Until you are familiar with the function of your laser I’d suggest using Absolute Coords as the start from mode in Laser window. Is this what you are using?

If you follow all of these and do not ignore any warning messages you should never get this ALARM.

If you are not following the above, try doing so and repeat your test. What is the result?

…researching how to update GRBL configuration $131. So far I have just changed working size in device settings.

2 options:

  1. go to Edit->Machine Settings and make the change there
  2. Enter $131=### in Console where ### is the value in mm for the Y-axis

Thank you sir/madam. That did the trick. Do I need to add that $131 command every time I use the laser or will it “remember” it for future use? But thanks so much!

Glad to help.

The change will persist and does not need to be reissued.

thanks so much. I’m so excited about this. I already have a routing CNC and joined the laser crowd recently. I look forward to when I can pay this forward in the future. Thank you. Steve

Here are some additional tips regarding the Sculpfun extension: Workspace extension kit - Diode Laser Wiki

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