Alarm 2. This all started after I installed the YRR

Installed YRR. Now nothing works.
Couldn’t get my Neje 2s Master to properly work with YRR. Remove YRR, reloaded default settings. Getting “Alarm 2” error messages. I’ve seen other users having the same issue after installing the YRR. Is it possible the YRR is causing a problem with the motherboard?

For a different yet similar system, that might help:

No, there is nothing wrong with Lightburn. You just have the wrong settings. First right click on the Devices button on the laser tab, and then watch my video, print the pdf and follow the instructions. The YRR works fine with the Neje control board if you set it up properly.

Got YRR to operate. However it rotates more than 360 degrees.

Please advise.


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