Alarm 8 and Alarm 9 - Aufero 2-2 - total newbie

UPDATE: Issue resolved, but I want to put this here in case anyone else has the same issue. It wasn’t plugged in. The lights were on, I guess from USB power?? I was scrolling through and also noticed an error that said “no power supply” so I checked and I 100% just never plugged it in.

Hi folks, I successfully ran a bunch of projects last night, totally fine, went to startup today and I’m getting no movement from my laser. It shows “ready” in lightburn, all the light are on on the machine. I’m running an Otur Aufero 2-2 on Windows 10. When I try to run my project or home the laser, it doesn’t move at all. I’ve read all the articles, but I literally have no idea what anyone is talking about with all the $ and numbers. :frowning:

First I was getting ALARM:9
Homing fail. Could not find limit switch within search distance. Defined as 1.5 * max travel on search and 5 * pulloff on locate phases.

So, I Googled my brains out, finally figured out what a limit switch even was and where it was. Poked it a bit. No change. Then I thought, maybe it’s because the laser is in the middle of the field (I’m not entirely sure why it was in the middle?? Maybe it didn’t rehome at the end of the project last night??), so I pushed the whole thing back to the origin. Then I started getting Alarm 8 Homing fail. Cycle failed to clear limit switch when pulling off. Try increasing pull-off setting or check wiring.

It took me HOURS to get these project settings right, I really don’t want to start from scratch by resetting all kinds of parameters that I don’t fully understand yet. Any suggestions? (And, of course, it’s a time-sensitive project)


Most of the grbl controllers get enough power off the USB to run the controller.

Of course not enough to run the motors/laser.

I have and old Woodpecker grbl board, one of the axes is fried that I keep around when I need a good ttl pwm that I can change easily. Just plug it into Lightburn…


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