ALARM:8 Falha de homing. (Homing failure)

Eu tenho uma Atomstack s20 pro e apresenta o seguinte erro:

I have an Atomstack s20 pro and I get the following error:


Falha de homing. Houve falha no ciclo ao limpar o interruptor de limite ao puxar. Tente aumentar a configuração de empuxo ou verifique a fiação.

Homing failure. Cycle failed to clear limit switch on pull. Try increasing thrust setting or check wiring


Grbl 1.1h [‘$’ for help]

[MSG:Check limits]

[MSG:‘$H’|‘$X’ to unlock]

[MSG:Caution: Unlocked].

aparentemente esta tudo ok com a instalação. como teste, mando gravar e a maquina desliza perfeitamente no eixo X e Y. quando preciona o “Casa” ele nao deslizano eixo X.
Com o botão “posiçao do laser” ele tbm desliza entre os eixos “x” e “y”.

Everything appears to be ok with the installation. as a test, I send it to record and the machine slides perfectly on the X and Y axis. when I press “Home” it does not slide on the X axis.
With the “laser position” button it also slides between the “x” and “y” axes.

















































With the word:
in the Console window in LightBurn please type the following:
then press Enter.

The AtomStack S20 Pro should respond in the Console window with the word:

Now retest homing by typing the following in the Console window,
then press Enter.
See if the Homing error is defeated.

$27 is a 1mm pull-back or pull-off of the engrave head from the homing switch. It may not be enough to deactivate the switch reliably.

More about that here:

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