ALARM 9 error i need help

Hello everyone I’m having a problem and I need help today I installed my atomstack a5 pro+ machine and started running I set the x axis to 410 y axis to 400 from the lightburn application.I set the origin point to the front left. Then, when I start the machine, when the machine goes to the corners and sides, there is an incredible noise and vibration, the laser could not return home in the program, I get an error, ALARM 9 says error, please help.



Does that machine have homing switches installed?

If not, in Edit > Device Settings disable ‘Auto-home on startup’;


Also, make sure ‘Origin’ is set to front left, and that your laser is already positioned in the front left corner when you power it on.

first of all, thank you for your response, I don’t know exactly what the routing key is.

I don’t think your machine will automatically home on startup, so you should disable the ‘Auto-home on startup’ setting.

it has been said that other titles may be related to cables. Do you think the problem is in the cables

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